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Blog Savvy: Bohemian Junk (HK)


Hong Kong born and New York raised Yvonne is an English Literature major who loves photography, thrifting and watching movies. Before creating a blog, Yvonne posts up regularly on Lookbook. The reason for a blog of its own is because she wanted to do something than just posting outfit photos. Blogging provides a space for her personality to show... Read on to find out more about our Blog Savvy of the week - Yvonne Renee of Bohemian Junk!

She admits that sometimes she changes up her looks because it can get mundane, but she is mostly attracted to item of clothings that are cute. and quirky. Yvonne's favourite items in her closet are her black stockings and her mother's old scarves.

Yvonne takes daily life objects into inspirations for her wardrobe; it can be people on the streets to fashion bloggers on Lookbook. But mostly she believes in thrifted items than retail store goods because they have an appeal to make a modern day outfit look more interesting. To simply put it, Yvonne's style is comfortable chic - always in layers and comfortable shoes. It is no surprise that on top of her current wishlist is Acne ankle boots with mirror wedges!

Her fashion icons include Michelle Williams, because her style is distinctive by jazzing up a simple outfit with a pop of colour, or using accessories. Another icon that inspires Yvonne is Zooey Deschanel, because of her girly '60s look.

She mentioned that she doesn't have any fashion regrets because it's better to try and experiment than not to have at all. If you happen to observe Yvonne's style recently, she's been obsessed with shorts over tights, and she admits that it is one of her favourite ensembles. I believe that a true fashionista embraces fashion mistakes and isn't afraid to try new looks!

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